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Need – Ken Block, Magnus Walker, Nakai-san, Risky Devil, Morohoshi-san – for Speed

Pour Need for Speed, le nouveau super reboot Need For Speed, EA via Ghost Games et SpeedHunters, a recruté des personnages emblématique de la culture automobile. Et autant, le dire, si tu connait + de 3 noms parmi ces 5, alors, ton moteur c’est la passion auto et ta lifestyle c’est l’automotive! Le plus connu, est surement, Ken Block, grâce à ses vidéo spectaculaires, dénommés Gymkhana , et récemment grâce à sa présence mediatico-press via Ford, celles et ceux qui ont vu la présentation de la Ford Focus RS comprendront ;) Après, je pense que c’est le très célèbre Magnus Walker, connu, grâce à sa collection Porsche, en Californie, et au films présentant quelques nombreuses classic-cars Porsche 911. Et après, il y a RWB… qui permet de découvrir Nakai-san, le fondateur de la marque mondialement connue spécialisée dans la préparation auto et la custom’ de voitures ! Après, les lecteurs de SpeedHunters redécouvriront Risky Devil, un team spécialisé dans le drift. Lecteurs de Jalopnik reconnaitront, pour savoir de qui on parle de Morohoshi-san à Tokyo. Voilà pour la présentation des 5 personnages. Maintenant découvrons ensemble, comment ces personnes sont devenues des personnages du monde de l’automobile et de the cars & automotive culture! via cet article dossier DESIGNMOTEUR … mis à l’honneur par et pour Need for Speed … que l’on découvre publié sur DESIGNMOTEUR Gaming.

The Icons of Need for Speed

‘Introducing the five icons that you’ll meet on your journey to become the ultimate icon.

Push the limits with your car to get the attention of Magnus Walker, the king of speed. Conquer the art of going sideways as you jump and slide your car through drift trails, contests and gymkhana events… all to impress the master of style, Ken Block. Take your rides to the extreme through performance tuning, and express yourself via visual customisation, as you aim to team up with Nakai-san, the godfather of car modification. Get to grips with close proximity driving, precise control, drift trains, and slip streaming… all alongside either your online friends or the AI. Crave the thrill of the chase and become an outlaw. Inspired by Morohoshi-san, a rebel against society rolling the streets in his customised ride… head over and prowl the police district as you bait, mess with and escape from the cops.

Throughout your journey you’ll also come across other real-world stars of car culture within the different stories, adding a richness and level of authenticity to your Need for Speed experience. This group of friends and the icons themselves will encourage and inspire you to carve your own path to become the ultimate icon.’ – Need for Speed

Need for Speed Icons Trailer

Ventura Bay is home to five real world icons, who are the heroes of today’s car culture. Build reputation and earn their respect on your journey to become the ultimate icon.

Magnus Walker. Speed.

Speed is the connection that exists between car and driver that is only present at top speeds. It’s about keeping your nerve and never lifting off the gas. It’s about the adrenaline rush of taking a corner at high speed, having faith that your car will hold firm and not lose grip. The fearless always push the limits.

Although no single person can be credited with the rise in popularity of the air-cooled Porsche, the enigmatic 911 fanatic Magnus Walker has definitely played his part. One of the most recognisable characters in the automotive world, not just for the dreadlocks and majestic beard, but the accompanying roar of a turbocharged flat-six cylinder howling through the open exhausts of a Porsche “Widowmaker” 930 Turbo. Magnus may collect and modify classic Porsches, but he’s never been afraid to get out and push them as far as he can on the mean city streets and canyon roads of Los Angeles. – Need for Speed

Who is Magnus Walker?

Magnus Walker. Ce nom ne vous dit peut-être pas grand chose, peut-être ? Pourtant, cet Anglais à Los Angeles est l’un des passionnés de Porsche 911 les plus connus et respectés aux États-Unis. Complètement fou de la sportive classic de Stuttgart, il récupère des épaves et des pièces détachées pour se livrer à des travaux de restauration d’une incroyable qualité … qui ont fait de lui l’un des passionnés de Porsche 911 les plus connus et respectés aux États-Unis et dans le monde.

Passionné de la 911 en 1977, à l’age de 10 ans, lorsque son père l’emmena à Londres, sa passion tournera à l’obsession avec l’âge avançant. Avant de pouvoir assouvir ses désirs automobiles, il a fait fortune dans le textile avec sa marque de vêtements Serious Clothing, ainsi qu’en louant ses hangars pour la télé et le tournage de clips.

His beanie hat hoards a mass of dreadlocks; his beard is a mixture of silver and blonde hairs. Magnus Walker is not what you’d call a typical-looking Porsche enthusiast. Sit him outside Kings Cross, and you’d be excused for handing him your spare change. Yet the self-proclaimed Urban Outlaw has shot to fame as one of the world’s most prolific Porsche collectors and something of an underground hero for anti-establishment tuning of vintage Porsche products. So how exactly does a scruffy lad from Sheffield wind up nestled in Los Angeles as an aficionado of Stuttgart’s finest?

The story begins back in 1977. England was an exciting place to be as a young ‘un – the Sex Pistols kicked off the punk rock movement, and a little film called Star Wars was about to spawn a whole generation of geeks. But, for Magnus, aged 10 years old, 1977 signalled a very different kind of obsession.

He explains in his strange amalgam of US twang and Yorkshire vowels: “It was the Earl’s Court motor show. I travelled there with my dad, and as we reached the Porsche stand, I laid eyes on a 911 painted in Martini red and blue stripes. The engine plaque read turbo, the spoiler was as tall as my head. I knew right then the Porsche 911 was my dream car.” – Magnus Walker

Magnus was hooked. In between scrawling 911 shapes on any piece of paper he could find, he wrote a letter to Porsche HQ asking for a job – solid ambition for a 10-year-old northerner. To his surprise, they replied, thanking him for the interest and suggesting he establish contact again in a few years’ time. Sure enough, this tentative contact engaged a little thing Magnus describes as “Porsche passion”.

Unfortunately for Walker, Sheffield in the early Eighties wasn’t exactly the place where dreams came true. By 1982 he’d dropped out of school with two O-levels to his name and no real education. About this time he also discovered drink and heavy metal music… two hobbies not exactly renowned for sparkling future prospects. Undeterred, Magnus bummed around on the dole making money exclusively to fund these new hobbies. “Cut your hair and get a proper job,” he was constantly told. By the age of 17, it was beginning to sink in, so, sure enough, he decided to get a proper job.

Over the next years, Magnus established a business buying cheap, soulless clothing and personalising it before punting it on at a stall in Venice Beach. He’d joined the fashion industry without even trying, and now there was money for sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. By the early Nineties, the stall had evolved into a brand nicknamed Serious Clothing, now being wholesaled in hundreds of shops and worn by stars including Madonna and Alice Cooper.

“Serious Clothing had its own style. We were shifting a ton of merch, renting a house and a workshop to keep it going. One day it hit me – why am I paying for two peoples’ mortgages? Why don’t we get our own place? In 2000 my wife found a 24,000sq ft warehouse we now call home. It was in an undesirable place, pretty beat up, and people called us crazy. But we had this gut feeling that everything would be ok, so we ran with it.” – Magnus Walker

But how does this translate into the Porsche collection? Back in 1992, Magnus realised that long-held dream and bought his first Porsche, a 1974 911, which soon resulted in countless speeding fines and even being pulled over at gunpoint. A change was, inevitably, needed. Fast-forward to 2002 with both businesses ticking over, the bearded speed freak joined the Porsche Owners Club where he also drove his first track day. He was pretty handy, first obtaining his Clubsport licence and then instructing other owners.

“I was doing nearly 50 track days a year, and the costs were getting crazy. The more serious I took it, the less fun it became. So in the mid 2000s, I sold every car I owned that wasn’t a Porsche and focused my time (and money) on obtaining the ultimate early 911 collection to fulfil my childhood dream.” – Magnus

The 911 styling was never intended to bring him fame. Aside from a small blog on the forum Pelican Parts, Magnus kept the collection sheltered at his workshop for his own enjoyment. But in 2012, a film director named Tamir Moscovici approached him, fed up with directing drink commercials and determined to do something more edgy. He, like Magnus, was a Porsche guy, and instantly the pair gelled. Tamir proposed the idea of a short YouTube film and, ever the optimist, Magnus replied with: “What’s the worst that could happen?” Four days of filming later, the 32-minute documentary Urban Outlaw had been created and was later shown at Sundance, to rave reviews.

“Things blew up after that. It opened up my collection to the whole world. Within two weeks, I had a phone call from Jay Leno to be on his Garage (Leno’s car-based show). My emails exploded, my phone never stopped, it was a new chapter opening up in my life.” – Magnus

A month after the film’s launch, Magnus noticed a letter at his workshop stamped with the Porsche logo. Unbeknown to Magnus or Tamir, Porsche had watched the film. What’s more, they loved it, and they loved him – so much so they flew him across to Stuttgart for a factory tour.

“Opening that letter reinforced my love for Porsche. Being a Porsche guy is about loyalty and the journey. For Porsche to reach out 35 years later reinforced that brand value. I’ve been fortunate to build a working relationship with the brand I strove so hard to be a part of. I’ve been lucky, and I don’t know what the future will bring. But one thing will always remain – Porsche passion. It brought me this far, and I’m sure it will continue to take me further.”

Citations/Quotes via topgear.com Who is Magnus Walker?

Who is Magnus Walker? The full Story!

Magnus Walker, un Anglais qui habite Los Angeles, entrepreneur de sa marque de vêtement ‘Serious Clothing’, hyper passionné auto Porche 911, depuis son enfance a réussi et à réaliser ses rêves de passionné automobile et à faire partie du jeu Need for Speed, la série de jeu la plus connue des passionné auto. GG Magnus Walker :D

Lire la suite et découvrir l’histoire en détail de Magnus Walker since 1977 Earl’s Court motor show.

Magnus Walker. EA Need for Speed. He’s in the Game

Magnus Walker - Need for Speed 2015

Magnus Walker – Need for Speed 2015

1971 Porsche 911

Magnus Walker’s 1971 Porsche 911 is a true classic, but it’s far from being a precious show pony; this car gets used and abused in the best way possible. The ‘277’, as it is commonly known, is a raw, visceral, canyon-carving screamer that strikes a perfect balance between weight, handling, braking and power. This naturally-aspirated boxer-powered street brawler has seen its fair share of battles and the scrapes, chipped paint and blemishes show it. If ever there was a perfect car to represent its owner, the howling 277 is it.

Porsche 911 #277 by Magnus Walker - Need for Speed 2015

Porsche 911 #277 by Magnus Walker – Need for Speed 2015

“I’m super excited to be in the new NFS – need for speed video game along with my favorite car #277” – Magnus Walker

Ken Block. Style.

Style is pure expression through driving, sending your car into a corner sideways with ultimate precision. It’s the feeling of freedom for that split second as your tires leave the ground, when you find yourself in a place where only you and the car exist. For some, style is all that matters.

Ken Block might just be the undisputed king of the internet and has quickly become one of the most recognisable faces and names in the automotive game. Years of driving in top-tier rally, X-Games competitions and his famous Gymkhana videos watched by hundreds of millions of people around the world have honed his skills behind the wheel. Few, if any, can match his ability to throw a flame-belching car sideways with such incredible precision. In a realm where an inch can mean the difference between worldwide fame or global ridicule, Block rules the streets. – Need for Speed

Who is Ken Block?

No one can get America more excited about non-NASCAR motorsports than Ken Block. Although he’s pretty good at rally racing (in its latest stadium-and-social-media-friendly incarnation, Global Rally Cross), he’s even better at promoting it and his auto/outlaw image. Block’s annual stuntastic Gymkhana mini-features are as close to guaranteed viral as they come. Why? The driving, for sure, but the machines he jumps into are simply incredible, including his latest, an 850-horsepower AWD 1965 Mustang. – motortrend.com via The 2015 Power List – 50 Leaders, Thinkers, and Agitators Shaping the Auto Industry

Who is Ken Block? The Career Story in 10 years

Présentation de Ken Block, entrepreneur, pilote extreme de rallye et créateur des vidéos GYMKHANA.

Ken Block. EA Need for Speed. He’s in the Game

Ken Block - Need for Speed 2015

Ken Block – Need for Speed 2015

Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR

Mustang purists look away; Ken Block’s first-gen 1965 Ford Mustang, also known as ‘The Hoonicorn’, is not exactly what you’d call period correct. An 845hp Roush Yates Ford V8 gulps down air through eight individual throttles reaching through the hood as it sends 845 horsepower to all four wheels via a custom six-speed sequential dogbox and all-wheel drive driveline. Custom built from the ground up and created for slaying tyres and not much else, simply put, the Hoonicorn is the automotive embodiment of pure, unadulterated terror.

1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn by Ken Block - Need for Speed 2015

1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn by Ken Block – Need for Speed 2015

1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn avec moteur Ford V8 de 850 hp

Présentation de la véritable Ford 1965 Mustang Hoonicorn pour Ken Block. The Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR is an extensively modified 1965 Mustang Coupé built by Hoonigan and ASD Motorsports à lire là : 1965 Mustang Hoonicorn for Ken Block, build in 2015 at ASD Motorsport with RTR partner: 850hp

A suivre …

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